I’m a big fan of growing edible plants indoors. Hydroponic growing systems allow you to grow herbs, microgreens, lettuce, flowers, you name it. The maintenance is minimal, you don’t need a green thumb, it takes up hardly any space, and you have as FRESH as its gets produce! I started growing indoors a couple of years ago when living in an apartment, and still do now that I’m in my house.

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Urban Leaf – They offer various packs to get you stared, seed packets, bottles, plant food, plant and planter accessories, and soil. Literally anything and everything you need to grow your produce inside and fit perfectly to your space.

microgreens hydroponic growing system
edible flowers hydroponic growing system
hydroponic growing system herbs

Find it on Amazon – You can search for hydroponic LED plant growing systems on Amazon and hundreds of options will populate. I’m sure a lot of them are just as amazing as the next, but these are the ones I’ve found, used, and liked.

What is hydroponic? Essentially, it’s growing plants without the use of soil. The water delivers all the nutrients to the roots, combined with light (LED or sunlight) and air (carbon dioxide), the plants get everything they need. This usually allows you to grow much more and take up less space. Check out this vertical hydroponic system!

Why grow indoors? It’s fun. It can be done all year long. You can share with your friends and family. It can save you money. Creates less food waste. It’s good for your indoor air. It’s rewarding. The list goes on…

Where to put your system? You can put it just about anywhere! I have mine on the kitchen counter underneath a windowsill where it’s out of the way, but easily accessible to pinch a few basil leaves off when needed. Since many of these systems have an LED light, you don’t need to worry about how much sunlight your plants are getting. Pop it on a bookshelf or in the empty corner in your kitchen.

What to grow? Herbs do really well, and make your food taste even better. Basil, arugula, dill, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives, sage, and mint are all great options to start with. You can also grow smaller vegetables and fruits like cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and berries or opt to grow edible flowers like lavender or geraniums.

Prefer gardening outdoors? Read this blog post about seed starting!

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