I ordered some seeds from Burpee a few months ago, and now it’s time to get them started. I made little seed starter pods out of toilet paper rolls to easily transplant them into my elevated planter bed once they’re ready. It was really easy and quick and now I’m looking forward to watching them sprout.

What you’ll need:

Toilet paper rolls, scissors, seed starting soil, a container to place them in, and your seeds.

I chose to grow peas and jalapeños this time around.


Cut each toiler paper roll in half.

Make four cuts equally spaced out to the middle of the roll.

Fold the tabs inward and lock them in place. It may help to create creases to help the pods keep shape.

Place the pods in your container (this will help when watering and transporting) and fill with your seed starting soil. I used Miracle-Gro purchased at Lowes.

Bury your seeds about 1/4″ into the soil. Be sure to check your seed instructions, some don’t need to be covered.

Water your pods and place in a bright, sunny spot. Keep your pods moist until you see them sprout. 🙂

I’ve got big plans for my elevated planter bed this year. It’s 2′ x 4′, and tall enough from keeping the dogs out of it. I ordered this one from Amazon. It was so easy to build, lightweight yet sturdy, and is made from amazing smelling cedar. It also came with a liner to keep the box in excellent condition for years to come. In addition to my peas and jalapeños, I’m planning on growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs. After all, I am a bit limited on space for now. 😉

I’ll keep y’all updated on the seed progress and what survives or thrives during the long Texas summer.

Comment below – tell me if you’ve tried this, planning to try it, what you’re growing, and what you’ll be preparing with your crops (can you call them that?) this year.


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