1. Selecting the right builder – Agents help buyers differentiate between builders, for example: what price point a builder builds in, what style of home (production, semi-custom, custom), what materials a builder uses and whether the builder is known for good or bad quality and on-time after-closing service. Every builder is different and it’s important to work with an agent who is familiar with the builder’s policies and processes.
  2. Selecting the right community, floor plan, and lot – Agents help buyers select the right floor plan, community, and lot based on the buyer’s individual needs. There are some floor plans and communities that may be hard to resell and some lots the buyer must be directed away from because of poor lot orientation and possible bad soil conditions. Agents can call attention to important details that may not be obvious to a newer homebuyer.
  3. Selecting Options – Agents help clients pick options that increase the value of the home now and into the future. Agents are trained to negotiate better pricing on highly marked-up options.
  4. Representation – The on-site agent at the model home may look and sound like someone there to help your clients, however, a builder’s sales representative works for the builder, and as such, represents the builder’s best interests. Agents are licensed professionals bound by law and professional ethics that will have YOUR best interests in mind.
  5. Buying Process – Agents can help a buyer through the buying, building, mortgage, and warranty process by informing the buyer what to expect. The building, mortgage, and warranty process can be very confusing for someone experiencing new construction for the first time.
  6. A ‘go-between’ – Agents act as a ‘go-between’ between the buyer and the builder if problems in construction, mortgage, or warranty develop. Agents handle problems due to a lack  of understanding on the buyer’s part. Timely communication between all parties is so so important.
  7. Negotiation – Yes, a new home buyer can negotiate, but can they do it effectively!? Agents make it look so easy because they are trained to ask the right questions that a new home prospect may not know to ask.
  8. Inspection – Whether the builder uses an in-house inspector or allows a third party inspector, agents understand the importance of scheduling inspections before, during, and after construction is complete. The agent helps negotiate any problems that might arise from an inspection.
  9. Contracts – Agents understand contracts. They now what to look for in a contract and since no two builder contracts are alike, its important that a buyer turn to their agent for advice. Because agents are not attorneys, an agent will involve a licensed attorney to provide legal advice in those cases where the contract is not understandable.
  10. Buyer Agent Cost – Reputable builders absorb this cost as part of their new home budget. Many builders pay bonuses and incentives to agents above the standard commission structure because the builder understands how important an agent is during the new homes sales transactions.

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