Seated – Earn Rewards By Eating Out

If you live in or are visiting Dallas, New York City, Chicago, D.C., Boston, or Atlanta – you need the Seated App!

The Seated App rewards you for dining at and supporting local restaurants. The rewards hit your account within 24 hours of uploading your receipt through the app by uploading a picture. You can also split the bill with others and share in the benefits (more on this below).

Major reasons to download and sign up now:

  1. You’ll get money back when you upload your receipt. (Typically 10-20%+ of your total bill)
  2. You’re going out to eat already anyway.
  3. Make reservations quickly and easily, or opt to walk in.
  4. Discover new restaurants and bars.
  5. If you sign up through my link or use my code: ally408, we both get $10!

Not only can you earn rewards, but the app also provides information on the restaurant, pictures of the food and space, links you to the menu, and shows restaurant reviews.

Too good to be true? Sounds like it – but it’s not! The rewards from this app are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I currently have a balance of $44 waiting to be used to purchase gift cards for brands like Uber, Amazon, Lululemon, REI, Crate&Barrel, Sephora, and more. People have even been able to cover an entire flight with their earned rewards.

If you don’t want to use my link (and get $10 for minimal effort), that’s fine. I just really wanted to spread the word about this app because I think the concept and execution are so great. If you spread the word and the love, you can also continue to earn rewards by signing up your friends too!

Updated 8/8/2023 to add Chicago and D.C. to list of cities served. Seated is GROWING!

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    • There are currently four cities supported by the app – Dallas, Boston, New York City, and Atlanta. They do have plans to expand into other cities in the near future. Give it a try!

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