Here I am, talking about Bright Cellars again. This time it’s because they’re offering 50% off your order of six bottles of wine! That’s less than $10 per bottle – and these are curated bottles to your taste with 90+ bright points. What a deal!

All you have to do is take a quick quiz (It’s actually pretty fun) and they’ll suggest 6 bottles that match your flavor palette. Here’s what they suggested for me:

half off bright cellars nihilist wine co. Syrah Lodi, California
half off bright cellars the last room red blend Mendocino, California
half off bright cellars silvers cape Syrah Lodi, California
half off bright cellars world line Tempranillo dunnigan hills, california
half off bright cellars toliman shiraz south eastern Australia
half off bright cellars avast albarino Lodi, california

I wasn’t too surprised by the results, but I haven’t had any of these specific wines yet. I drink a lot of red wine, with the occasional fun white. I gravitate toward bold, acidic, complex wines so these will be fun to try.

Get half off your Bright Cellars order!

I’ve posted about Bright Cellars in the past when they were donating proceeds to the It Gets Better Project during Pride Month. A company like that is one I can definitely get behind. You can read about what Bright Cellars does, how it works, and more by clicking here to read the post.

I’d love to know if you’ve received wine from Bright Cellars and what you thought about it. Comment below and share your favorite wines!

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